If you are a PT/OT, it's not about the money but about helping people. Most therapists I work with want to genuinely help people.

It's just that the insurance model is getting less and less viable.

I want to show you how to use your knowledge and skill to make a better impact, and living, without relying on insurances only.

I specifically show you how to use the power of my TRANS4MATION Program to help more people AND use it to generate more rehab patients, gain better commitments, increase the value of your program, and earn more income to boot.

If you are concerned about the declining reimbursement (and the lack of respect given in the medical model), and have an interest in helping people attain a higher level health, I want to help.

If you are already doing fitness/wellness but not happy with it's progress, my system will help you.

Yes! I want to learn more!

Your information is safe and protected.